Why You Should Buy Modern Light Fixtures From Modern Place


People nowadays are practical and wise buyers when it comes to their daily purchases. This is evident, especially when purchasing items for the house. As much as possible, people purchase items that are amazing and in excellent condition, but have lower prices. This is the reason why contractors and architects are always looking for Lithonia vtl substitutes in the market.


Lithonia has been known for its great light fixtures and solid performance. However, it is quite expensive compared to other brands of light fixtures.


Modern Place is considered by architects, engineers, and interior designers as the best option when it comes to Lithonia vtl substitutes. One can see many brilliant light fixtures in Modern Place at affordable rates.


Modern Place and Lithonia offers the same quality and functionalities such as having up to 60,000 hours of lifespan for its lights, 4000k color temperature, 0-10v dimmable feature, and an extensive 5-year warranty.


Among the slight differences in its specs is that Modern Place has 82+ CRI while Lithonia has 80 CRI. Also, Modern Place has a 5000 Lumens output while Lithonia has only 4600. However, Modern Place offers a various designs that can fit any theme that your space may have. This feature, and the fact that they offer products at a lower price make it a better option than Lithonia.


Indeed, Modern Place is the best place to be if looking for great alternatives of Lithonia products. Buyers are assured that Modern Place products have world-class quality and authenticity.




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