Looking for Lithonia LED Troffer Alternatives? Try These Options

We always want what is best for our homes or our companies, and this starts by having a comfortable and safe place to live in or work at. For construction experts, lights and light fixtures play major roles in making the building a safe and comfortable place. It is also a simple yet effective decoration that can add curb appeal to your homes. In commercial and industrial buildings as well as the institutional, troffers are common light fixtures that enable proper lighting.

Troffers are simply attached to the ceilings. Niches or hollows were made into the ceilings so that the troffers can be well placed. These troffers serve as supports, holders, and reflectors of lights, most of which are fluorescent lights. Troffers are very useful because it keeps and holds the light in a secured housing. Also, the ceiling does not look ugly and untidy when there are troffers. Of course, we do not want fluorescent lights bulging out from our ceilings. Furthermore, troffers provide enough illumination from the light itself because they serve as reflectors. Lights are controlled and not scattered because of troffers.

When it comes to troffers, Lithonia has always come on top. It is because of its excellent quality, reliable performance and durability that architects, engineers, and house designers want it very much for light fixtures. However, many homeowners and construction experts are looking for great Lithonia led troffer alternatives because it is expensive.

In this connection, Modern Place is the best place for Lithonia led troffer alternatives. Modern Place offers extensive choices of amazing light fixtures and other light-related items that have better quality than that of Lithonia’s, but with almost less than half the price. You can also think about going with LED panel lights. 

For LED troffers, Modern Place has troffers that are at par with the qualities of Lithonia’s such as reliable color consistency, long-life LED lights (60,000 hours at 90 percent maintenance of LED Lumens), and an easy installation process. Aside from that, the products of Modern Place also belong to a standard world-class listing such as DLC.

Because of Modern Place’s impressive benefits, it is no wonder that it is considered by many people as the best Lithonia led troffer alternatives. So, if you want better benefits than that of Lithonia at a lower price, Modern Place is the best option for you. You are assured that your lights are safe and functional with Modern Place’s troffer products.

Meanwhile, Modern Place also has an accommodating and friendly staff who are knowledgeable about electronics and light fixtures. They provide customized quotations which are suitable to the needs of the clients. If you are not aware on what goes best for your house or office, you can always ask Modern Place’s experts for LED troffers that befit your requirements.







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